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All email sent to you initially arrives at the Nornet mail server. Here the email is sorted and stored in a mailbox (under your name) until you check your mail. The process can be likened to regular mail that is collected and stored in a Post Office mailbox. When you check your mail using an email program such as Outlook Express, the email is downloaded from the Nornet computer onto your computer.


1. To send an email, you must first open a New Mail Window.

Click onto the New Mail button in the upper-left hand corner of the Outlook Express window. A window similar to the following will appear.

Each of the fields are explained below:

 To:  Type the email address of the person you are sending the email to
 CC:  Carbon Copy - Type the email address(s) of anyone else you wish to send a copy of the message to
 Subject:  Type a brief one-line description of the message you are sending

Type your message into the large section in the lower half of the screen.

To send off your message, click the SEND button in the top left-hand corner of the window.
Sending An Attachment

You can attach files to an email message. It's an easy way to send someone a picture, a sound file, word document etc...

To 'attach' a file to an email message, simply click onto the ATTACH button at the top of the window. The button has a picture of a paper clip on it. A small window will appear asking you to browse through your hard drive and select the file you want to attach to the email.

Note: If you need to send multiple files, send the different files across multiple email messages.

To check if you have any new mail to download, click onto the SEND/RECEIVE button at the top of the screen. A window should appear, similar to the following, asking you to enter your password.

Note: If this password box does not appear, it means that Outlook Express already knows your password, and it will continue on to the next screen. (see below)
Connecting To The Mail Server

While Outlook Express searches for the Nornet mail server, the following box will appear.

A blue bar will work it's way across the screen while any email is downloading.
Outlook Express Inbox

Once your email has downloaded into Outlook Express, it is stored in the Inbox. See the image below.

Click onto the Inbox in the left-hand column. You will see the subject of the email, as well as the name of the person who sent you that email.

The actual email message itself will appear in the bottom half of the screeen.
These are all the basic funtions of Outlook Express. The program is capable of more advanced feautres. If you wish to read up on these advanced features, click onto the HELP menu.
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