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All email sent to you initially arrives at the Nornet mail server. Here the email is sorted and stored in a mailbox (under your name) until you check your mail. The process can be likened to regular mail that is collected and stored in a Post Office mailbox. When you check your mail using an email program such as Netscape Mail, the email is downloaded from the Nornet computer onto your computer.


From the main Netscape browser window, click onto the COMMUNICATOR menu, and then down onto MESSENGER. This will open the Netscape Mail window. You can also click onto one of the small icons at the bottom of the netscape window. (see the following image)

A Window similar to the following will appear.


Click onto the Get Msg button in the top-left hand corner of the window. A small window will appear asking you to enter your password. (see the image below). You will find this on your Nornet Registration letter. Be very careful when typing this password and make sure you type it in exactly as it appears on your registration letter.

Any messages that you have received will be downloaded from the Nornet server onto your computer. All new messages received are stored in your INBOX.

If you have any mail waiting for you on our Mail server, it will be downloaded and placed into your Inbox (see image below).

The Inbox is split into several different sections.

 1. The left-hand section contains the Inbox, Unsent messages etc...these 'folders' are were your mail is stored.
 2. The upper-right hand section is where you can view the contents of these 'folders'. There are two main pieces of information displayed in this section. The Subject of the email sent to you, and the Sender of the email.
 3. The lower half of the window is where you view the contents of the email.

New mail is stored in the Inbox. Click onto the Inbox in the left-hand column, and you should see your new emails in the upper right-hand secction. From here, you simply click onto an email to view it in the bottom-half of the screen.

To create a new email message, click onto the NEW MSG button. A window similar to the following will appear

The various fields are explained below:

 To:  Type the email address of the person you are sending the email to
 Subject:  Type a brief one-line description of the message you are sending

Once you have filled in the above details, type your message in the lower half of the screen

Click the SEND button on the top-right hand corner of the window to send your message.


If somebody has sent you an email, you can reply directly to them without having to create a new messgaes from scratch.

While you have their email selected in the Inbox, click onto the REPLY button at the top. A windows similar to the following will appear.

This Reply-To window is very similar to a New Message window, but the original message is displayed in the bottom half of the window, and the TO field is already filled in for you.

Type your message into the lower half of the screen, above the original message, and then press the SEND button to post off your reply.

Sending An Attachment

You can attach files to an email message. It's an easy way to send someone a picture, a sound file, word document etc...

To 'attach' a file to an email message, click onto the ATTACH button at the top of the window, andthen down on to FILE. (see the image below)

A small window appears asking you to select the file you wish to attach. Select the file and click OPEN

Note: If you need to send multiple files, send the different files across multiple email messages.

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