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This short guide should be enough to get you started with Microsoft's Internet Explorer to browse the World Wide Web

The Internet Explorer Window

There are three main parts to the Internet Explorer window.

 1. The Toolbar
 2. The Address Bar
 3. The Main Window

1. The Toolbar

 Back: Go back one page
 Forward: Go forward one page
 Stop: Stop the current page from continuing to load
 Refresh: Reload the current page again
 Home: Return to your homepage location
 Search: Go to the default Internet Explorer search engine
 Favorites: Lists web sites that you have seen, and bookmarked for future reference
 History: Displays a list of recently visited web sites

2. The Address Bar

The address bar shows you the Web Address (URL), of the current web page that you are viewing.

You can type an address directly into this section and then press Enter on your keyboard to open that site.

3. The Main Window

The main window is where the web pages are displayed. (see the image below)

Navigating the World Wide Web is more or less a point-and-click process. You navigate throughout the web by clicking on links

 Links: When you move your mouse around the window, you will see your mouse pointer turn into a small hand whenever you are over a link. When you click onto a link, Internet Explorer will load the new page and display it in the main window

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