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Dial-Up Networking - Windows 2000

- Right-Click on the 'My Network Places' icon. This will open the 'Network Properties' window.

- Double-Click on the 'Make New Connection' icon.

- Network Connection Wizard
This will guide you through the configuration of your Windows 2000 Dial-Up Networking

Click 'Next'

- Network Connection Type

Click into 'Dial-up the Internet, then click 'Next'

- Set Up Your Internet Connection

Click into 'Connect using my phone line' Click 'Next'

- Internet account connection information

enter in your dial-up phone number (the number for Lismore is shown here) Click 'Advanced'

- Advanced Connection Properties - Connection Tab

Ensure that your screen is identical to this image Click onto the 'Addresses' Tab

- Advanced Connection Properties - Addresses Tab

Ensure your screen is identical to this image Click 'OK'

- Internet account logon information

Enter your username and password. (case sensitive) Click 'Next'

- Configuring your computer

Type in 'Nornet' into the Connection name Click 'Next'

- Complete Configuration

All done (nearly) Click 'Finish'

- Your Dial-up Connections window should now look similar to this

You should see the new connection you just created. Double-Click onto the Nornet icon

- This is the default window you will see

It doesn't show you a lot of information though. Click the 'Properties' button

- Nornet properties - General Tab

Ensure your screen is identical to this image Note: this is the Lismore phone number Click the 'Configure' button

- Modem Configuration

By default, your modem may be set at a maximum speed of 9600 bps. Change this to match the speed of your modem Click 'OK'

- Click across to the 'Options' tab

You should now see this screen. Place the ticks as shown here. You may wish to adjust the 'Idle time before hanging up' seting. Click across to the 'Security' Tab

- Security Tab

Ensure your screen is identical to this image.
Click across to the 'Networking' Tab

- Networking Tab

Ensure that there is a tick in "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" You may have different components than what is listed here. The TCP/IP must be in here Click across to the 'Shared Access' Tab - Shared Access Tab

You should not have to adjust anything on this screen. Click 'OK'

- You should now see a screen very similar to the one shown here


Check that you are using the correct username and password, and then connect to Nornet by clicking on the 'Dial' button.
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