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There are a few details that need to be entered before you can start using Internet Explorer to start browsing the web.

Note: You do not need to be connected to the Internet in order to configure Internet Explorer

Internet Options

There are two ways you can get into the Internet Explorer's setup options.

 1. From the Control Panel, double-click on the Internet Options icon
 2. Once you have Internet Explorer open, from the menu bar select TOOLS and then OPTIONS

Internet Options - General

Under the Homepage section, next to Address, type in: http://www.nor.com.au

Whenever you open Internet Explorer, it will automatically look for the Nornet homepage.

Click onto the Connection tab at the top

Internet Options - Connection

This screen sets the dial-up connection preferences for Internet Explorer.

Place a DOT in Always dial my default connection

Click onto the SETTINGS button to continue.

Internet Options - Connection Settings

 Automatic Configuration: Ensure there is nothing ticked in this section
 Proxy Server: Ensure there is nothing ticked in this section
 Dial-up settings: User name: Your Nornet username as shown on your Nornet Registration letter
  Password: Your Nornet password as shown on your Nornet Registration letter
  Domain: Do not type anything in here

Do not place a tick into 'Do not allow Internet programs to use this connection'.

Click onto the OK button to return to the previous screen, and then click OK again to exit out of the Internet Options

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