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1999, Nornet


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Updated 03/02/00

Smilies &



:-)     smile

:->     sarcastic

;-)     wink

:-)))   laughing or double chin

:.-)    laughing tears

;-)=)   grin

:-D     laughing

:-}     wry smile

:-P     tongue (?)

:-(     sad, angry

:-<     sad

:-I     indifferent/sad

:.-(    weeping

:-II    angry

:-@     angry 

}-)     evil

:-X     mute

:-()    talking

:-O     surprised/shocked

=:-)    shocked

O:-)    halo

:-3     has eaten a lemon

:-/     skeptical

:-Z     sleeping

:-x     kissing

:-*     sorry, I didn't want to say that

?-(     sorry, I don't know what went wrong

:*)     drunk (red nose)

%-)     stared too long at monitor

#-)     dead

X-)     unconscious

:-Q     smoking

(:-)    bald

.-)     one-eyed

-:-)    punk

<:-)    stupid question (donkey's hat)

<|-)    chinese

@:-)    arab

8:-)    little girl 

:-)8<   big girl

[:-]    robot

::-)    wearing glasses

8-)     wearing (sun)glasses / wide-eyed grin

B-)     horn-rimmed glasses

B:-)    sunglasses on head

.^)     side view

:<)     moustache

_O-)    aquanaut

{:-)    wig

:-E     vampire

:-[     vampire

(-:     left-handed

:o)     boxer's nose

Midget smilies (without noses)

:)      happy

[:]     robot

:]      gleep, friendly

=)      variations on a theme

:}      (what should we call these?)

:>      (what?)

:@      (what?)

:D      laughter

:I      hmmm...

:(      sad


2U2        to you, too
AAMOF      as a matter of fact
AFAIK      as far as I know
AFK        away from keyboard
AKA        Also known As
AOL        Army Of Lamers
ATM        At the Moment
ASAP       as soon as possible
BAK        Back at Keyboard
BBL        Be Back Later
BCNU       Be seeing You
BFN        bye for now
BOT        back on topic
BRB        be right back
BTTH       boot to the head
BTW        by the way
BYORL      bring your own rocket launcher
C4N        ciao for now
CFD        call for discussion
CFV        call for vote        
CU         see you
CUL(8R)    see you later
CYA        see ya (also: Cover Your Ass)     
DAMIFINO   damn if I know
DIY        do it yourself
DYJHIW    don't you just hate it
EOD        end of discussion
EOT        end of transmission
F2F        face to face/flesh to flesh
FAI        frequently argued issue
FAQ        frequently asked questions
FOAF       friend of a friend
FWIW       for what it's worth
FYA        for your amusement
FYI        for your information
GA         go ahead
GAL        get a life
GFC        going for coffee
GR&D       grinning, running & ducking            
GRMBL      grumble
GTG        got to go
HAB        hot Asian babe
HAND       have a nice day
HHOJ       Ha ha only joking 
IAC        in any case
IANAL      I am not a lawyer
IC         I see
IDGI       I don't get it
IDK        I don't know
IMHO       in my humble opinion
IMNSHO     in my not so humble opinion
IMO        in my opinion
IMPE       in my previous/personal experience           
IMVHO      in my very humble opinion     
IOW        in other words
IRL        in real life
IYKWIM     if you know what I mean
JK         Just kidding
KISS       keep it simple stupid
KOTC       kiss on the cheek
LOL        laughing out loud 
MORF       Male or Female
MOTAS      Members of the appropriate sex
MOTOS      Members of the opposite sex
MOTSS      Members of the same sex
NC         no comment
OIC        Oh I see
ONNA       oh no, not again!
OTOH       On the other hand
OOTC       obligatory on-topic comment
OTOH       on the other hand  
PCMCIA     people can't memorize computer industry 
POTC       peck on the cheek
REHI       hello again (re-Hi!)
RO(T)FL    rolling on the floor laughing
RSN        real soon now
RTDox      read the documentations
SHTSI      somebody had to say it
SITD       still in the dark
SO         significant other (e.g. boyfriend, 
	   girlfriend,husband,wife,pet dog)
SYL        see you later
TANSTAAFL  there ain't no such thing as a free lunch
TGIF       thank god its friday
THX        thanks
TIA        thanks in advance
TIC        tongue in cheek
TTFN       ta-ta for now 
TTYL       talk to you later
WIIWD      what it is we do
WWDWIIWD   when we do what it is we do
WTHDTM     what the hell does that mean
WYSIWYG    what you see is what you get
WTLOB      watch "The Life of Brian"
YGWYPF     you get what you pay for
YMMV       your mileage may vary

Useful expressions

B4              before
2nite           tonight    
n case          in case    
EZ              easy
troo            true                
kewl            cool                
dewd            dude
d00d            dude
grrlz           girls
wirld           world
guvment         government
gawd            god
wymyn           women
to go nookleer  to explode
n/a             not applicable
w/              with
w/o             without
b/c             because    
Xtian           Christian
wuz             was
cos(cuz)        because
w3b             www
tripdub         www ("triple w")
K               1000 (like, 2K = 2000); also: 
	        extremely cool (k-kool, k-rad)
@               Circle A (symbol for anarchy)
eleet           elite, 'l33T, 3L1T3, 31337
B-D             breakdown
DDR             difficult data retrieval (i.e. hacking)
BRS             Big Red Switch (hacker term)
BTL             Better Than Life
BDSM            bondage, discipline, sado-masochism
DS              dominance and submission
S&D             search and destroy
R&D             research and development
R&P             rape and pillage (excessive violence)
CBD             complete body dysfunction [seen in 
	        The GothCode Version 3.1A] 
STD             severe tire damage (rows of spikes on road)
RSI             repetitive strain injury 
	        (e.g. from using keyboard)
TAZ             temporary autonomous zone; mobile or 
	        transient location free of economic 
	        and social interference by the state.
	        [Hakim Bey]
ILF             Information Liberation Front
	        (imaginary organisation; joke)
TBT             talking by typing
BLJ             black leather jacket
T-P             telepathy

Anti-copyright 1997. May be freely pirated and quoted.


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This document was last modified on 03/01/00 .