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Jargon Explained

Electronic Mail (e-mail)
Is a way of sending and receiving mail between two or more people by the global computer network. All internet users have their own unique 'user name' which acts as a mail box for their messages. E-mail means that you can send and receive mail from anywhere around the world in a matter of seconds.

Electronic News
Is a means of sending a message, thought or question to the internet community at large. Electronic news is posted to a public bulletin board for many news readers to view at their leisure. All messages and news are generally deleted after a few days of posting.

USENET (Newsgroups)
Is the worlds biggest bulletin board containing text files on all sorts of subjects. Millions of people access USENET daily, leaving messages, chatting with other users, answering questions and leaving their own news item, information or question. You can selectively scan through USENET by using software known as a newsreader.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Nornet provides the facility to transfer files between your computer, and the internet computer systems. This is achieved by using the FTP software which you will find on your Nornet CD. You can also download FTP software from the Nornet server.

Users of the Internet and Nornet are asked to comply with the guide-lines of network etiquette. Netiquette is fundamentally based on the use of good manners and common sense. Some examples of netiquette are:

  • always acknowledge electronic mail (e-mail)
  • limit your e-mail messages to a single screen of text where possible
  • do not use offensive language
  • be polite to other users of the Internet


Smilies and Acronyms
Are keyboard shortcuts used instead of words. These acronyms are widely used by computer users. Some examples are
:-) which is a smile and :-( which means sad.
Smilies and Acromys

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)/ Chat Rooms
Is an area where lots of people can connect to at once in order to talk with each other. You scan a list of topic areas and choose to join one. You then join that group of people and talk to your hearts content. People from all over the world can join any channel and can therefore talk internationally for the price of a local phone call.
ICQ http://www.icq.com
IRC http://www.mirc.com

World Wide Web (WWW)
Is composed of thousands of pages of information that are all connected together. The pages are easily accessible to anybody and the Web can be quickly searched for any kind of information. The information can then be delivered in lots of different and interesting ways such as text, graphics, sounds and movies.

The term FAQ's is used widely over the internet and stands for "frequently asked questions". The Nornet FAQ's are called "common questions".
Common questions

Search Engines
The Internet contains information on almost everything. To help you find it, Nornet has selected a few Search Engines which may point you in the right direction. 
Nornet Search Engines

The internet has many free programmes "freeware" and other programmes called "shareware". Shareware is a software programme that you either download from the internet or from a CD (usually found on magazines) it is software for you to try, sometimes within a certain timeframe. If you want to keep using it you buy it. An example of shareware is the FTP programme cuteftp.


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