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How to Upload your web site with Cuteftp

Below are the step by step instructions for uploading your personal website to the Nornet server, with the FTP programme, Cuteftp.

When you open Cuteftp the first screen is the Site Manager. This is where you will set up the details needed for you to upload your website.

In the Site Manager, click on the folder (directory) in the left hand column that says Personal FTP Sites.

Then click on the "Add site" button.

The following screen should open.

Now it's time to set up your details. In the Site Label you put a "friendly" name that you want to call your site on your within Cuteftp, I called mine, "My Web Site".

The host address is Nornet's address, which is ftp.nor.com.au 

UserID is your Nornet username and the same password that you use to connect to the internet.

All other fields stay empty. Now click on OK and you will see the next screen.


On this screen you only have to ensure that "My Web Site" is highlighted and then click on connect.

The next screen will appear and you click okay...

You have now reached your homepage site.

Here you double click the directory (folder) that says homepage.

On the left hand side you will see C:\Program Files\Global and underneath a directory CuteFTP. This is YOUR computer directory, by clicking on either the down arrow next to the C:\Program Files\Global or the yellow folder with the up arrow you can browse to where your files are on YOUR computer for uploading into the homepage directory on the right hand side.

Once you have found the files you want to upload you select them and either drag and drop them in the homepage directory or if you do them one by one you can double click them. NB: Don't forget your images will you! 

Now that all your files are uploaded go to your browser and your internet address which should be http://www.nor.com.au/users/yourusername and check that all is in order.

You can then log out of CuteFTP, by clicking on the 3rd icon from the right on the tool bar (it looks like two computers and a red circle with a cross.

Congratulations your website is now on the internet.

If you have problems you can always ring the helpline at Nornet during working hours on 6621 3215 or email helpline@nor.com.au or website@nor.com.au.

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