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Child and Youth Health
At Child and Youth Health we believe in delivering a high standard of health care and parenting support so that children and young people have the chance to 'Start Healthy and Stay Healthy'. This also means that we are committed to providing health and parenting information based on the latest research and best practice.

Health Insite - Mental Health of Children
You will find information and research on mental health issues and services for children, starting from birth, and their families.

Relationships - Coping with Children after Separation
Children can react in very different ways to separation and divorce. The way they react depends on a number of issues, including their age at the time and the degree of conflict or animosity between parents. This is a stressful period for children, but most recover and end up leading normal healthy lives. Their adjustment is enhanced when parents remain sensitive to the children's needs.

Talking With Kids
How to talk to your kids about anything.
10 Tips for talking with your kids about tough issues.
Talking with kids about Sex and Relationships, HIV/AIDS, Violence, Alcohol and Drugs.

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