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redball The Queensland Fertility Group (QFG) is that State's largest infertility clinic. QFG was formed in 1983 and by 1997 had created more than 4,000 pregnancies and more than 3,000 babies. QFG hold satellite clinics in Townsville and Mackay several times a year. It offers the latest infertility treatments.

redball City West IVF treats couples experiencing difficulty in achieving pregnancy; uses treatments from the very simple to the most complex.

redball Sydney IVF centre for all facets of infertility and IVF treatment, using new technology such as surgical sperm retrieval for ICSI, and genetic diagnosis.

redball Monash IVF have lots of useful patient information about all aspects of infertility treatment.

redball North Shore ART have a lot of information about infertility treatment. Also, an information brochure will be available sometime soon for you to download and read at your leisure.

redball Concept Fertility Centre. Apart from medical information, Concept covers topics such as Emotional Responses to Infertility, Fact Sheet for Relatives and Friends, The Six Cycle Rule and lots more. It is definitely well worth a look.

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Australian Support Groups

new redball OASIS Infertility Support Inc. OASIS is a non-profit making, self help and support group to give information on all aspects of infertility, emotional support and understanding, and advice on alternative ways of parenting or childless living. OASIS believe that sharing feelings and experiences can be a positive step to coping and can lessen feelings of loneliness and isolation. They also believe that with clear information people will be able to meet the need for change and adjustment and thus understand their options and the implications of each decision they make. OASIS is managed by a committee on a purely voluntary basis.

new redball Genesis Infertility Support Page. Genesis is Western Australia's Infertility support group. They are non-profit and non-affiliated and welcome all folk who are having fertility problems. They also welcome their friends and relatives, men and women. It's a great easy-going support group.

redball Friends of QFG is a support group for infertile people with membership of 1000 couples. Most members receive treatment at the Queensland Fertility Group. Friends organise regular information nights and a variety of social functions including morning teas, shopping tours, men's days out and couples dinners. An important part of the support group is its quality newsletter which is sent out to members on a quarterly basis.

redball Donor Conception Support Group was formed to provide support to those contemplating the use of donor gamete/embryo, parents of D.I. children and to the children conceived using D.I. Provides very useful personal contact through socials, information nights, and valuable telephone support. It also has a very good library for borrowing books.

redball ACCESS, Australia's National Infertility Network is an independent, non profit, consumer based organisation committed to being a national voice for infertile people of all ages. Member services include provision of a range of fact sheets on infertility, a quarterly newsletter, Contact Request network, Counselling Referral network, information about accredited infertility clinics and representation on the board of the International Federation of Infertility Patient Associations. National Infertility Awareness Week is a major initiative of ACCESS. Their home page has details about how to subscribe to their newsletter and other services and how non-members can obtain fact sheets.

redball The Spermatology WWW Home Page has valuable information on male factor infertility.

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International Links

redball Conceiving Concepts, Inc. has lots of info including support resources, natural fertility methods, causes of infertility & diagnoses, fertility news, and some excellent infertility articles including one on How to deal with infertility during the holidays. This site is well worth a look.

redball Reproductive Medicine Program has Immune Self-Tests you can take and an interesting paper on Reproductive Immunology.

redball Infertility FAQ's and Info covers questions frequently asked regarding infertility, miscarriage, hints, humor, links, infertility acronyms and abbreviations.

redball The American Surrogacy Center provides extensive information on the medical and psychological aspects of egg donation and surrogacy. The legal aspects of Australian, US, and international surrogacy are comprehensively discussed and there are some very interesting articles.

redball Ferre Institute is an excellent infertility site with lots of information and brochures to covering topics such as Reviewing Your Options, Helping Others Understand, Coping With the Holidays, Miscarriage: Surviving Pregnancy Loss, We Can't Have a Baby Either, and Answering Your Questions about Infertility.

redball Chinese Medicine and ART has information on the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat infertility.

redball Fertile Thoughts is an excellent site with a lot of information about adoption and infertility FAQ's, and includes IVF/GIFT/ZIFT success rates (for the US).

redball INCIID. The InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination has a glossary of infertility terms, fact sheets, and lots of articles.

redball Resolve is one of the better American sites for infertility. Apart from lots of general information, the American Statistics can be found free of cost under Sample Newsletters.

redball The Oxford Fertility Unit has lots of great pictures and videos of embryos.

redball Atlanta Reproductive Health Centre have a good site with lots of information on all aspects of infertility.

redball ASRM. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine has information which is particularly good for those just starting out on treatment. It also includes statistics which can only be acquired at a cost.

redball Scott & Janell Meyer's Infertility Support Page has lots of info and advice on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCO). It also includes topics like How to get diagnosed, and General infertility advice.

redball Perspectives Press have lots of useful Fact Sheets about adoption for both parents and children.

redball The Fertility Information Resource List (FIRL) offers excellent information such as Basic Infertility Testing and Criteria for selecting a Clinic. This site is well worth a look.

redball The Fertility Race have U.S. infertility statistics, and some excellent articles and stories with audio links.

redball Ferti.Net have have a section for Australia, and excellent information on fertility drugs and infertility in general.

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International Support Groups

redball A new online support group called PTA (Parents Through Assisted Reproductive Technology) is now in operation. The mailing list is specifically for those who already have children conceived via DE, DS and/or surrogacy. It is a place to talk about parenting issues related to their child's conception status. To join you must already have a child or be at least 6 months pregnant. Contact Pam or Rita.

redball Infertility FAQ for Women of Size have a list of links and mailing lists specifically for big women.

redball ONNA The website has steps on how to subscribe to this mailing list.

redball Fortility is a support group specifically for infertile people over 40. The webpage has instructions on how to join.

redball Mothers Via Egg Donation (MVED). See the web site for instructions on how to join.

redball Pineland Press have an excellent page with lots and lots of Infertility Support groups listed.

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