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1999, Nornet


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Updated 03/02/00

A Word from us...

A Statement from the Owners

On the 16/7/99 Nornet was purchased by a consortium of Northern Rivers investors who have a background in Internet Services and Information Technology.

Nornet will remain its own entity with enhanced operations. The consortium are interested in retaining local ownership of Nornet to ensure the continued adoption of electronic services by businesses on the north coast, as well as associated employment opportunities in the region. This will assist the region as we move into the new era of the information age of the 21st century.

The sale will result in the following changes in the near future:

1. Major upgrade to the network including 56k access with direct satellite links to the USA.

2. Introduction of a state of the art administration system.

3. Additional pricing packages to supplement existing products.

4. New range of advanced services including secure electronic commerce facilities.

5. Modem upgrades.

6. Expanded support hours.

This new system is designed to facilitate the delivery of first class services to our customers and we will advise you of these changes via the "Latest News..." page of this site. We are very excited about the future of Nornet and look forward to it's prospering which we hope will include many improvements for all our customers.

Our new contact details are;

Telephone: 6621 3215
Fax: 6621 5356
PO Box 1095
Lismore 2480


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